Life doesn’t always go in a straight line. Sometimes it goes to the left, sometimes it goes to the right, and then upwards again. That’s all well and good if you have a railing to hold on to, which you trust because it is smooth, details exactly the right arch and also gives a secure hold at dizzying heights. We produce just such railing parts for you economically and without welding seams – and much more.

Our leitmotif

is like our railings – that’s what we’re holding on to:


Our work is a joint process

The order and idea come from you, and from us, the material and processing.
And together we will be satisfied, because, with us, the process is only finished when every wish is fulfilled and our customers are satisfied.

You bring us your idea.

We plan and implement (feasibility study – sample production).

We source material, state-of-the-art technology and bent parts to satisfy the highest demands.

We rely on the best quality management with 100% component testing, if you require it (storage also possible).

You can count on the following:

» Short delivery time
» Reliability
» Everything from one source
» Batch production

  • A customer

    » does not depend on us, rather us on him.

  • A customer

    » is not a statistic, but a flesh and blood human being, afflicted with preconceptions and misapprehensions.

  • A customer

    » is not an outsider, but a living part of our business; we do him no favour by serving him, he does us a favour.

  • A customer

    » is not a disruption of our work,
    but its meaning and purpose

  • A customer

    » is someone who brings his wishes.
    Our task is to fulfill them.

  • A customer

    » is not someone you would want to argue with or question his intellect. No one has ever won a quarrel with a client.

Your advantage

You benefit from more than one advantage.

Everything from a single source

Planning & Implementation

Feasibility study

Material procurement

Customer-oriented solution finding

Sample production

Best & most modern technology

Reliable & fast delivery

Highest quality

Years of experience

Batch production


3D planning possible

Precise machining

100% component testing possible


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We bend steel
We bend stainless steel
We bend aluminium
We bend brass
We bend copper

Further we bend carriers, shape pipes, stop pipes, edge parts and much more.

Tube Bending

Plant construction
Automotive engineering
Mechanical engineering
Metal construction


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